4 May, 2020
Cultural life

The 2020 lockdown came as a surprise to many, turning our lives upside down completely. More than ever, now is the time to take care of our health.

It is a tough time for all, and more than a few have lost their loved ones. It is a sad moment, but one must not despair. All this will pass, hopefully very soon.

It’s challenging to spend so much time at home, but the upshot is that many of us now have much more time for leisure, time to read, learn and experiment new things.

What better way to cheer ourselves up than with food! Experiencing the culinary traditions of a country is a great way of discovering the local culture.

When spring rolls around in Catalonia it means only one thing: time to cook and eat faves a la catalana (Catalan-style broad beans). It’s a mouthwatering dish, not to mention healthy!

All you need is fresh broad beans and peas (optional), good quality olive oil and bacon, blood sausage, spring onions and fresh garlic, vi ranci or just red wine, bay leaves and some fresh mint at the end. You can also add pork ribs and sausages.

Naturally, you can also opt to cook a tasty vegan version.

Try cooking faves a la catalana at home and transport yourself to Catalonia. It won’t be long until you can make it a reality! 

NOTE: As you can see in the picture, we cooked the faves i pèsols (broad beans and peas) version of this dish. Delicious!