A tour with a family in Spain


29 December, 2018

At the beginning of July, Unison Routes organized two morning tours for the families of Ginny Conner and her brother Fred.

The kids were visiting the city for the first time, so we planned some entertaining and educative itineraries for Aiden, Lauren and Alison.

On the first day, we started out with the spectacular Güell Park by Antoni Gaudí, finishing with obligatory games in the playground.

We continued down to the elegant 19th-century district of the Eixample to visit the outside of fascinating buildings such as the Milà House (La Pedrera) and the Batlló House.

The kids were delighted with the beautiful shapes and colorful mosaics that adorn the architecture.

After a hard day’s toil, the kids deserved a nice gelato. Francesco was only too happy to oblige, and took them to the best place in town!

The following day, we continued with another city classic, the Sagrada Familia.

It was a beautiful sunny day and we were truly as the sunlight filtered through the stained glass, projecting blue, green, yellow and red patterns onto the tree-shaped pillars of the church.

We moved on to the Picasso Museum to learn about the early years of Pablo, the painter from Malaga who loved Barcelona and Catalonia all his life.

After such an intense morning, the adults relaxed with a cup of coffee and the kids were happy drawing and recreating some of Picasso’s works with pastels and crayons.

A few days later, Ginny wrote us: “Thanks so much for a fun two days! We had a terrific time in Barcelona and learned so much with you!”