27 February, 2019
Cultural life

More than two decades after Jaume Plensa’s last solo exhibition in Barcelona, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona (MACBA) is paying homage to this artist by showcasing his work from the 1980s to the present.

This solo exhibition is not to be missed. Plensa uses his creations to give the visitor both aesthetic pleasure and food for thought.

Using a variety of materials, he delves deep into the human condition and deals with concepts such as memory, emotion, and reason.

He also questions the cultural and social order of our times and makes references to art, poetry, music and science.

Plensa is a Catalan sculptor with a wide international profile, whose works are exhibited in public spaces in London, Chicago, Tokyo, Toronto and other prominent cities.

Until recently, he was probably more renowned abroad than at home.

However, his monumental “Carmela”, installed by the Palau de la Música in 2015, has put him firmly in the spotlight on his home turf.