2020 is about to end

2020 is finally about to end. That is good news! It has been a very long year for everyone, full of challenges and uncertainty. We, the UNISON ROUTES team, are ready to turn the page on 2021!

New ideas, new tours, new experiences in Spain and Portugal are being designed right now for you, dear travelers and friends!

Planning your travels in 2021

We must be patient and wait until the pandemic is defeated on a global scale. Right now we can only travel and join tours in and around our towns. In 2021, we will have you back here!

While we wait, let us start making preparations. This is the perfect moment for planning ahead!

Let us start thinking about the places we would like to visit in 2021.

Choose Spain and Portugal

In 2021, choose to come to Spain and Portugal! We are here to help you design your travel experience.

Explore the Spanish South, experience the Camino de Santiago or enjoy the beauty of Alentejo with us!

Discover Barcelona with our bike tours, and choose our wine tours. Join us on our hiking tours and then reward yourself with local tapas and food.

With our art and history tours, learn with our guides of the rich heritage of Spain and Portugal.

Need some inspiration?

For more inspiration, take a look at our private tours for small groups to explore Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon and many more cities and towns with us!   

We are looking forward to seeing you in 2021! We wish you a lot of traveling and beautiful experiences with UNISON ROUTES in Spain and Portugal!

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