natural park and reserve near barcelona


23 November, 2020

We are nature enthusiasts. Our love for the forest runs deep, and trees inspire in us a sense of happiness and, at the same time, great respect.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned after months of confinement earlier this year, it is that we must never pass up an opportunity to spend time in nature, especially in the company of friends.

Over the last few months we’ve often visited Montseny, a massif which, on a clear day, gives breathtaking views of both the Mediterranean Sea and the cathedral of Girona.

There are plenty of hiking trails in the woods and a choice of local restaurants to indulge in a hearty meal.

The menhirs and other megaliths in the massif are a sign that the area has been inhabited since ancient times.

Part of this mountain range is a Natural park and a Biosphere reserve.

In one of its shadiest corners, Montseny still harbors a small silver fir wood, a relic from the last Ice Age and the most southerly example of such a wood in Europe.

We love the place year-round, though we find it irresistible when the weather starts to get a little colder.

Autumn has arrived, and the aspen leaves have turned to a subtle yellow, the sweet chestnut leaves are now a deep ochre, and the hollies are laden with clusters of fiery red berries.

We love walking among the beeches and getting lost in the soothing silence of the forest, interrupted only by the satisfying crunch of fallen leaves under our shoes.

We’ve been lucky enough to spend some of our happiest moments here during this longest of years, and we’d love to share the mountain with you.

Let’s hike together and discover the beautiful secrets of Montseny.

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